Writing has always been my way to be me. Sitting in silence with a blank white page, breathing, and sensing possibilities sparks my creativity and feeds my need to play as possibilities arise. One of my greatest joys comes from helping others discover their voice and to know in their entire being that they have something of value to say and the right to be heard.

My academic background and certifications include a doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PhD), three master’s degrees (MEd Reading, MA in English: Writing, MA Clinical Psychology), an Intermediate Certificate in Relational Somatic Psychology, EMDR Basic Level 1, certification as a holistic health educator, training in the Amherst Writers and Artists Project, training in sound therapy, studies in narrative therapy, and extensive teaching experiences (1984 to present–elementary to higher learning institutions and private practice).

I’m an editorial assistant for Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy. And I am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Aside from teaching, writing, and editing clients’ work, my personal writing resume includes over 5,000 newspaper and magazine articles, articles in peer-reviewed journals, and chapters in professional anthologies, including, When Hurt Remains: Relational Perspectives on Therapeutic Failure, About Relational Body Psychotherapy; The Body in Relationship: Self-Other-Society; and What to Expect When You’re Expected to Teach. 

You can also experience more of my writing and editing talent in the past issues of Somatic Psychotherapy Today.