As the Founding Editor-in-Chief and publisher of Somatic Psychotherapy Today for 13 years, I was blessed to write with contributors and share in their self-discoveries as they expressed themselves personally and professionally.

A substantial collection of articles and insights explored the relational realities in body-oriented psychotherapy practices. I culled cutting-edge theories and modalities in the somatic sciences to share with a worldwide audience and provided a forum for sharing news and advances in clinical practice, research, resources, and policy. I also dispersed information regarding professional activities and opportunities in the field of body-oriented psychotherapies.

While this publication was not designed to capture everything related to the immense field of psychotherapy and body-oriented practices, I strove to provide a venue for readers (be they therapists, students, researchers, or people in waiting rooms) to experience different perspectives in a light and lively manner.

SPT Magazine was an independent international publication. It was validated by professional organizations and associations representing various modalities in body psychotherapy, somatic psychology, and prenatal and perinatal psychology. In November of 2023, the magazine’s Facebook page had over 9,400 followers, with many willing to engage with our posts and come to our website to read articles and book reviews.

The United States Association for Body Psychotherapy welcomed SPT Magazine into its fold in 2024. They will offer a fresh perspective, and SPT magazine will continue to thrive with their input.

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The ‘New’ Collected Papers of Biodynamic Psychology, Massage & Psychotherapy: 2022

Edited by Courtenay Young

Gerda Boyesen’s ‘genius’ shines through her writings as well as writings by various family members, colleagues and trainers, students, practitioners and even clients and supervisees. According to Young, “As one reads these articles, one gets a sense of the breadth and depth of Gerda Boyesen’s Biodynamic works, and gets occasional glimpses of its brilliant heights, as well. Nearly all aspects of theoretical, clinical, and practical work in this field are richly examined.” He explained that the book was produced in […]