“Nancy Eichhorn is a talented journalist whose knowledge of somatic psychotherapy, neurobiological systems and clinical issues provide her with the toolkit to integrate divergent knowledge into a meaningful and sensitive narrative.”
“Writing with Nancy is such a sweet and satisfying experience. Her help in sculpting what I was wanting to convey felt honoring and collaborative. I liked the changes she did make, and she was wonderful about hearing what was important to me. No better partner for your written work will you find!”
Caryn Scotto d Luzia, MA, SEP
Developer of AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution
“You are a superb editor and I look forward to working with you again.”
Albert Pesso, PhD
Co-founder, Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor
“Nancy approaches her editorial work as a master painter. With soft brushstrokes she reorganizes, respectfully and kindly, repositions or merely changes a comma. The result is quite stunning, with a sense of effortlessness which characterizes mastery. But more than her editorial and linguistic skills, Nancy allows for a relationship to unfold, one of mutual respect and true commitment to the integrity of the writer, the magazine – and of herself. Every time I work with you, Nancy, I feel that I want to get to know you more, that I want to spend time with you. This is a true gift of an editor who is a writer, a writer who is a therapist, a therapist who is a lover – and a person.”
Dr. Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, PhD
“I have worked with Nancy Eichhorn on several occasions. Not only am I familiar with her amazing energy, enthusiasm and professionalism in starting up the magazine ‘Somatic Psychotherapy Today’ and – what is much harder – continuing to publish to a very high quality and with a good content – but I have also worked with her in a more detailed way, editing and re-publishing some of her articles to appear in edited books of my own. Here, she has also been very prompt, very accommodating and equally professional, as well as having a very good sense of her material and her audience – absolutely necessary qualities in a writer.”

Courtenay Young

Founder of Body Psychotherapy Publications

“Nancy has been a profound and stalwart support on the journey toward publishing a book in somatic therapy. I started on my shaky legs, trying to articulate bold new things, and discovered quite vulnerably and on my own. She met me where I was. She saw the jewel in the rough drafts and helped me understand where it might go. She offered excitement and encouragement, and time after time showed me the next manageable step. Later, she brought the know-how and connections I needed to the table. Every new author needs this kind of companioning. And I am ever grateful she has been the ‘doula’ for this book for, Whole Life Doulas.”

Jeanne Denney
Author, Teacher
Founding Director of the School of Unusual Life Learning (SoULL)

“Nancy has helped me so much as a writer. In every consult session, I became clearer in thinking and in writing. Nancy’s expertise and insightfulness are a perfect combination—that are beautifully matched with her warmth and generosity.  She’s also amazing as a workshop leader, and has been a beloved support for the writers group in our Organic Intelligence® community!”

Steven Hoskinson,
Founder, Director of Education,
Organic Intelligence®