REM Basic

Designed for beginning writers seeking guidance in writing an article (academic or creative non-fiction) or a book (text or creative non-fiction). Tailored to your specific needs, topics may include getting started, time management, topic and theme selection, structural organization (what parts create the whole?), writer’s block, tone, style, and writing tips. You have five hours to be used for email correspondence, online contact, phone contact, etc., to discuss your writing process. This does not include SEO optimization, copy editing, developmental editing, research, or ghostwriting.


REM Premium Plus

Designed for writers who want the option for verbal contact, including unlimited email contact to discuss an ongoing project, “hands-on” support, and at times someone to fill in the blanks, create transitions, and sculpt your words to create the right sense and flow for what you are trying to say. You have ten hours to use at your discretion (options include): Online meetings or phone calls; unlimited emails; manuscript evaluation; detailed written feedback; developmental editing; copyediting for grammar and style; research; fact-checking; and ghostwriting. We can discuss what else you might need to feel supported. This does not include SEO optimization. You also receive one revision to tweak a completed text so that it resonates with you. And, if you submit an article for peer review, you receive one revision based on their feedback.


REM Premium

Designed for writers who want hands-on support but only need a little time together (limited meetings and emails). Your manuscript will be read with an eye for content, organization, style, tone, formatting, and basic grammar. Together, we will bring your text to life so that your audience can read and appreciate what you have to offer. You have ten hours to be used at your discretion (options include): evaluate your manuscript; provide written feedback; developmental editing; basic copyediting; monthly online meetings; and one weekly email. This does not include research, ghostwriting, or SEO optimization.


Short term commitments

One-hour SKYPE/ZOOM/Facetime/Phone call Session: $120 per hour Developmental Editing: $95 (1-5 pages an hour, depending on the quality of the manuscript) Ghostwriting: $155.00 per hour (material provided by author) Initial manuscript review is 3¢ per word with light editorial comments and a letter summarizing editorial thoughts or 1.5¢ per word for no markup, just an editorial letter to summarize thoughts. We can discuss other needs as well.

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