I incorporate elements of narrative therapy, sound therapy, meditation and mindfulness practices, and movement and breath work in our writing practices so participants learn how to utilize writing to give voice to the stories archived in their bodies. 

Embodied writing in a supportive community with appropriate feedback frees stories buried deep within the very cells of our being, which give rise to revelations about how we have lived our lives and why. As we write, our stories come to life and transform on the page. The difficulties our characters face often mirror situations in our own lives. As they heal, we heal. 

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“As a teacher, writer, and therapist, I have worked with Nancy for over ten years. If you are looking for someone to support your writing by taking it to the next level and possibly publishing your work, you have found the right person. I was a member of a number of Nancy’s eclectic and creative writing groups called ‘Write To Be’. Her teaching style is empathetic and motivational and inspires all participants to reach levels of their own writing process that they may not have thought possible. Her coaching prompts you to frame thoughts and words on the page that will leave impressions on whatever audience you intend to reach. She is personal and professional and knows how to draw the very best from you while still having fun. I trust that Nancy’s commitment to your writing process will be a hundred percent.”

Diane Doheny, ME

Exeter, New Hampshire